The General Membership (GM) of the Chapter is composed of Regular Members and Associates as defined under Article II of the PICE National By-Laws and as per PICE KSA Riyadh Chapter Policy on Membership

Associate Member

An Associate Member is the one who has acquired the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) or its equivalent from any recognized engineering institution in the Philippines or abroad but who has not yet been admitted to the practice of Civil Engineering by the Professional Regulations Commission, and who otherwise fulfills all other requirements for such membership as provided in PICE KSA Riyadh By-Laws. They are not however eligible to vote or be voted upon but will have the right to participate in debates or discussions in the affairs of the Chapter.

Regular Member

A Regular Member is the one who is duly registered in the rolls of theProfessional Regulation Commission (PRC) or its predecessors, to practice Civil Engineering in the Philippines and who fulfills all other requirements for membership as provided in the Chapter's By-Laws.

Life Member, Fellows & Honorary Member

Recognition of Fellows, Honorary Members and Life Members of the Institute shall be acknowledged and/or facilitated through the PICE Riyadh Chapter as governed by the PICE National By-Laws.